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My name is Rafael Tosi. I grew up in Colonia del Sacramento and nearby town Tarariras, I also lived in Winnipeg, Canada during a few years. I´ve been an animal enthusiast since I can remember, so after highschool I moved to Montevideo to become a biologist, first focusing on Paleontology, and then on to Zoology for a master´s degree. Throughout my career I got hooked on birds and have been ever since. I´ve worked in diverse research projects and environmental impact assessments, where I´ve learned much during long field hours, not only about birds but also the natural life of Uruguay in general.

Since then, I´ve moved back to my hometown in Colonia, where I work as a preschool and highschool teacher. A couple of years after my settlement, I´ve decided to begin offering birding tours. Colonia is a highly touristic city, but ecotourism is not exploited in the least, I would like to offer nature tours to any nature enthusiasts who would like to get to know our rich biodiversity. At the same time, this would provide income to local communities, thus promoting conservation and awareness of natural areas and species, something much needed.

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