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We´re live!

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Colonia Birding has launched! And in this first post I´ll share a brief summary of the story behind how it came to be. Colonia Birding starts as a personal journey that will hopefully allow me to live off of what I love, and if not... well, I´ll gladly settle with having it as a side-job.

The peninsula of Colonia del Sacramento as seen from the bay.

As a nature enthusiast since a young age, I´ve been involved with the natural history of Uruguay for some time now, specially since I began University in 2002. It was there where my interest really kicked off. I graduated as a Biologist some years later, having gone through a Paleontology phase, and then onto a Masters Degree in Zoology. During that time and since then, I´ve visited many places around the country, spent countless hours in the field, worked and helped out on many projects, made great nature-loving friends, and got to learn a great deal about the wild side of our little country.

Working as a Biologist, however, is not as easy as one would like. Although I did land some biology-related jobs, teaching English has been my main source of income. After living in the capital city of Montevideo for about 15 years, my partner and I decided to move back to my home town. Colonia del Sacramento has been nice to us, I got a motivating job as a kindergarten and highschool teacher, my partner is also getting her Masters Degree, we got married, and we now have a beautiful baby girl.

Bad parenting?

Colonia is a touristic city, drawing many people to see its historical sites, but it´s not very large, and you can get to see all of it during a day, so offering new kinds of tourism sounds logical. As of today, there is not much of an offer for nature tours, so I figure it could be a great chance to combine my background with the oportunity. Colonia Birding is my proposal and I hope it´s well received!

So what´s next? I got the website going, but I still have to finish many sections, translate all of it into spanish, get some flyers out, start posting regularly on this blog, and who knows what´s more. But, the good news is... we´re live!

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